Laser Treatments

Why choose Hydro Health & Beauty
for Beauty Treatments

Fully Qualified

As a team of professionals at Hydro Health &Beauty we are all highly trained, skilled and experienced in our chosen fields and are fully insured.


We constantly update our knowledge and skills. We are passionate and love what we we do and therefore always strive to ensure we are offering the latest products, treatments and machines.

professional Consultation

We offer in depth, private, no obligation consultations to ensure clients receive a results driven bespoke service.

Frequently Asked Questions

A course of treatments are required (usually 6 treatments)

Treatments are 4 weeks apart.

No. It’s not painful.

Yes. You can tan and have treatments.

You must shave ready for your appointment.

Yes. You can shave in between treatments but no waxing as the root has to be attached to the blood supply for the laser to work.

Sometimes people require the odd top up after 1-2 years if they have hormonal changes, but it generally last well.

We have clinics in Skegness and Lincoln